L4 is building Web 3: a decentralized web that removes middlemen and incentivizes users to contribute. We conduct cutting-edge cryptoeconomic research, build core infrastructure, and help projects grow. We're hiring!


Panashe Mahachi (Growth) — Founder, Scanate, one of the first hands-on crypto funds.

Liam Horne (Research) — Founder, Counterfactual, generalized state channels.

Josh Stark (Operations) — Founder, Ledger Labs, Canada's leading blockchain consultancy.

Ethan Wilding (Development) — Founding team, Ethereum.

Jeff Coleman (Research) — Founder, Ledger Labs, state channels researcher.

Vitalik Buterin (Research Advisor) — Founder, Ethereum.


If you're interested in joining us, email [email protected]. For updates follow us at @L4Ventures.